May Story Chat: “Nailing It” by Anne Stormont

What a sweet little vinegary tail. Anne Stormont nails it!

What do you do when your editor tells you your book just isn’t good enough?

“I’ve realised that stories have infinite versions, infinite possibilities, and that digging through the spectrum of possibilities is the key to great story.”

On John Hudspith and Editors and Editing

“Perhaps Johnny truly became the editor I had hoped for when I sent him my first draft of chapter one, and he wrote an entire page on a single word I had chosen on the very first line. Yes an essay, crammed into the side margin. In red. About a single word. In the first bloody sentence.”

Mike Chara

So I knew Johnny was the editor for me right from the get go, when I was first deciding to write a novel. I had wanted to write this novel several times over a period spanning a decade, but the time was never quite right. So being the [occasional] optimist, even before I put pen [fingers] to paper [keyboard], I started looking into how one goes about producing a novel from start to finish.

This was when I decided that editors were a thing you needed [logic below], found out book covers can be expensive, and avoided as much as possible all the decisions to make on publishing. This was when I visited various ‘editor’ websites; and found some of them splattered with terrible grammar, syntax and even spelling mistakes! One even had an entire paragraph dedicated to how help was given in making sure prose was clear and easily…

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Mike Chara

If you are me, sometimes (most times) you send a chapter to your editor, and it comes back as a write-off. You are so terrible, there is no way to rectify the problem; you have to rip up the chapter and start again.

That’s fine, it was never going to be an easy road. So you’re halfway through the re-write, and you need a break, so you hit up your favourite Slack group and it so happens people are awake. Hurrah, distraction!


mik 5:07 AM 5am what even are you awake for

luke 5:07 AM Dogs >.>

rigger-fatrick 5:08 AM #@!*%

Some of us are up for work

mik 5:08 AM what do you call  a dog with no legs

anything you like, it can’t catch you

rigger-fatrick 5:09 AM Lol

U dick

luke 5:09 AM It would still wake me up

Deciding whether to sleep or coffee up…

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Why I self-publish

I started my authorly life as a ghostwriter, penning thrillers that soared up the bestseller lists. When I went to agents and editors with My Memories of a Future Life, they said they liked my writ…

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Welsh Wednesdays Interview with Jan Ruth

If you spend on nothing else or have limited funds available, editing and proofreading is King and Story-is-everything-else.


B&W lake (1)Today I have the pleasure of introducing author Jan Ruth. 
Welcome Jan, please tell us a little about your connections to Wales, what you like best about Wales and a bit about yourself.

Twenty years ago we moved from Cheshire to North Wales. Although Cheshire has its history and pretty rural surroundings aplenty, Wales is far more extreme in both aspects. The castles and the rugged hillsides scattered with stone settlements, druid’s circles and Roman roads bring out the historical muse in me. To think that I am treading the same path as someone who lived in the Iron Age, is both fascinating and humbling. Snowdonia kick-started my stalled obsession with writing in a very positive way.

The only historical event I can remember with any accuracy is good old 1066 and The Battle of Hastings. At school I was hopeless at dates, in fact anything to do with numbers…

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In The Chair 55

What do you dislike the most about Christmas?

John: Commercial tat made by far away children paid coppers, shunted to our shores via monster vessels leaving carbon footprints the size of China, and sold for ten times more than it cost to make. Instead, use that money to do something worthwhile: plant an MP, save a chicken, do an hour less work, that kind of thing.

Publishing: A lot of Smoke and Mirrors?

“The industry is flawed, floundering, and fluctuating. This is because there are real choices open to writers to maintain their individuality and creativity, and boats have been rocked.”

Just Writing

just writing

On Writing & Editing

Just Writing

sat all afluff a plump chump on his horse
grinning aloof for the writing of course
nets filled, gathered at speed
delighted with the merrytoed easeI thank you!
but the rain came thicker than who would know
hidden beasts bicker outside and in
scrumple it, fill the bin
eject erase reject you are
hammers down knives slash truth hurts bah
get moving and shaking and keeping ajar
the forests clear, seas ebb, grains be seen
bingo sings atop the toil
and dawn floods the truth does hurt for some
not merry not sherry not lingo savvy
truth claims
truth wins
just writing

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“If you can imagine eating dead embryonic flesh smothered in runny Camembert, you’ll get the idea.”