The power of collaboration; the power of words. Nuance is a collective.

After five extremely quick years, Kimi is finally out there doing battle with the crows, as I always knew she would. I’m like a proud father, grinning as she trots around the globe, popping up in places I never knew existed. Kimi is bright, cheerful, happy at her release. She’s leaping about like a tickled trout, splashing in puddles, and reaching for the farthest stars. The energy apparent via this exuberant abandon is a joy to behold and, despite my rotten cold, Kimi is rousing the mojo and urging the sequel forward.

This is a wonderful time in Kimi’s life yet my pride would not be so huge if were not for the people who helped release Kimi to the eyes of the world. So a ginormous thank you goes to Jill and Libby and the team at NUANCE WORDS, not least for helping a techno-thicko like me, but for designing this delicious site, for the mesmerising soundtrack, the truly frightening podcast, and for the on-going work behind the scenes which will bring more most excellent news in the months to come.

Big up, Nuance Words – thank you!!/pages/Nuance-Words/207439155982567

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  1. jean slack

     /  December 19, 2011

    I can see the red carpet,xxx

  1. Jean slack | Dminsitedemo

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