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My short: `Security Guard` has made it to the final of The League of Extraordinary Authors’ FlashFiction competition.

You can read it, and vote here:



Next up… I’ve recently had a few requests for signed copies of Kimi’s Secret. If you’d like a signed and/or dedicated copy you can get one here:



Kimi’s Secret is still happy-dancing around the top twenty on Amazon, and now has 12 x 5 star reviews.

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Loving the latest ad…

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A cracking shortlist…

My little slice of life “Security Guard” has been shortlisted.

FlashFiction contest judge Dan Holloway says: “This is so original and lyrical it would be hard not to shortlist it, which is a clever move by the author. But the insight into the rich, not to say alarming inner life of the guy we pass as we go about our lives without noticing he’s there lifts the content to a level with the style. Part Vernon God Little part Taxi Driver yet all its own.”

Read it here:

Crow poem competition – the end is nigh!

we’ve had funny and sad

nasty and bad

murderous devil and demon


we’ve had hoots and sniggers

even crows pulling triggers

and sweet love

where it shouldn’t be being


but time’s almost up

the competition soon closes

so go fetch your crows

and send me your proses


Not long left, folks. Comp will close in a week or two!

Get writing!

Kimi’s Secret keeps getting higher…

…and higher

I sent out a huge thank you yesterday to all those who downloaded Kimi’s Secret during the FREE promotion, and to all that helped pass the word around.

Well, I’m saying thank you again today because sales have kept on going.

Selling at the rate of 1 per hour, Kimi’s Secret is currently ranked:

#5 in science fiction/adventure

#7 in fantasy/paranormal

#553 overall

Thank you, folks!

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Stone the Crows!

2491 downloads in 48 hours

that’s almost 1 per minute

and Kimi’s Secret is now ranking high and rising on Amazon:

* #47 in Kindle Store > Books > Fiction > Science Fiction > Adventure
* #51 in Books > Fiction > Science Fiction > Adventure
* #58 in Books > Fantasy > Paranormal

Huge thanks to all who helped and to those who now have Kimi cackling on their Kindles.

last chance for free fiction

The FREE promo for Kimi’s Secret ends 0830 GMT on 8th May.

Total downloads at this point is a massive:

2093 and counting – 1 download every 90 seconds!

That is amazing! Thank you!

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