FREE paranormal fantasy download

FREE for one last time until next time.

*13 five star reviews

“Like Harry Potter with wheels” one reviewer said (whatever that means)

“A hugely satisfying read” said quite a few.

“I was nearly sick” said a couple of old biddies.

“This is disgusting” said `disgusted from the Wirral`.

“Twilight eat your heart out” said another (which made me giggle)

“Fifty shades of snot” remarked one cool dude.

“Thank Lucifer there’s no vampire crap” said Larry from London.

Aliens are greylians in this weird little tale and Kimi must race against time and dodge their waggling tongues and abduction beams before claiming victory and saving all the universes.

Scary cloned clown boys, famoose (rodents with wings who eat rotten teeth), and the snot spitting taxidermist and master of calculus: Charlie Babbage all come to Kimi’s aid.

With a cast of half a million evil crows and some canny imploding giant toads, how can any reader resist such a noxious concoction?

A cracking tale for all ages that will leave you gagging and sleeping with the light on.

Grab it while you can. FREE!

Download to your Kindle or to your PC

Did you know you can download a free Kindle app from Amazon?

Well you can and it only takes two minutes.

Download Kimi’s Secret FREE:

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  1. Free . . . can’t find a better price than that! Love the genre. Spooky image in the blog post, too HAHA


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