Are you local?

Strange days.

With a mountain of editing deadlines and a neglected Kimi wagging a finger at me, I decided, before getting my head down, to try somewhere new for walking the Olster, reminding myself, as always, to look out for the weird and wonderful.

Only one mile from home, I chose the village of Yaxley and soon realised that I could have been in Royston Vasey.

First up was the woman in pink. She was jogging, pounding the pavement quite heavily, and at first what I thought were two huge bowling balls in her hands, turned out to be her rather more than ample chest, which she clasped tightly as she ran. With a smile on my face, I could not help think that jogging was not meant for her.

Seconds later I drove past a postwoman just as she was turning from her laden trolley, letters in hand, and stepping onto someone’s driveway. The trolley began to roll – quickly – down the slight incline. In my rear-view mirror the postwoman did not reappear, but I did wonder if the trolley would catch up with the pink jogger. However, I could not slow or stop to find out because suddenly there was an ambulance with sirens blaring coming up behind so I had to put my foot down.

Wondering if there might be hidden cameras and this was all set up, I stopped at the local shop – the woman there had a turned up nose and wore glasses.

She did not ask if I was local but I did hear her talking to an old guy about that `lovely dwarf` and `what a lovely fellow` he is. `yes,` agreed the old guy, `but that Ricky Gervais grates on me`

I didn’t really like to ask, convinced the cosmic joker might be having a giraffe on my behalf, so waited until I got home and asked Google. Sure enough, Yaxley is home to actor Warwick Davis (Star Wars, Harry Potter, and recently: Life’s too Short)

Okay, my day has been made so far: pink joggers with built-in weights, runaway postal trolleys, and a famous dwarf actor for a neighbour. Then I found Ollie in the garden, foreleg raised, snout pointed, and knew that the second batch of starlings had decided it was time to leave the eaves.

So I took a few snaps.

What a great morning.

 Best get some work done.

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  1. What a great post! Love the woman in pink – can’t seem get her image out of my mind! And I love the bird too!

  2. Carol Verhoff

     /  June 25, 2012

    You’re good at this blogging thing. I enjoyed your post very much.


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