Close Encounters of the Nostalgic Kind

Andrew Lloyd Webber stoked me last night. (no kidding)

He’s a clever man, a genius, a bloke I admire very much. When he does his cheesy TV shows to search for Dorothy, Maria etc., I always watch and appreciate his talent. Currently he’s searching for Jesus, and I’ve been watching the show, however I only saw the trailer or the first time last night. And it stoked me – almost into flames, or even tears.

When I was a soft but thankfully not spotty sixteen year-old, I went to the cinema with my cousin, Mark to see the latest film they were raving about at school. Those weren’t the days when you had no shoes and it cost a jam jar to get in, this was later, the days when cinema seats had ashtrays on the back and people would bring a six-pack of McEwan’s Export to chug in the smoke haze and hopefully see a film.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind was the film. Stephen Spielberg excelled with faultless, enthralling storytelling. And that’s just it, even through the smoky fug it had me by the short and curlies and, I would learn, it would never let me go. Secret aliens with stick thin bodies and bulbous heads abducting humans. Spaceships and saucers, government secrets and – oh my god – the glorious Mothership herself with her explosive trombones!

I returned the next night and the next and again for five nights in a row until my pocket money ran out. The concept of aliens among us was huge, sparking within me a thirst for the paranormal, the supernatural, the things that can’t be explained.

I hooked up with Fortean Times, Unexplained magazine, devoured them and searched for more.

Then came the X-Files, the internet, Area 51, the Roswell autopsy video and its many spinoffs and conspiracy theories that would have me continually enthralled.

My search has always been, and still is, a sceptical, scientific one. Of course there must be aliens in our vast known universe; be they maggots or mammoths they must be out there but as for visiting Earth, I think not – at least not in my lifetime.

My love for the `greys` is a love instilled at an impressionable age and is now a part of me. To write them into Kimi’s Secret was always a mission and it was a delicious task bringing them to life as the greylians.

Getting back to last night, Lloyd Webber’s trailer stoked the fire:

What a genius production.


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  1. Wendy

     /  July 22, 2012

    Close Encounters compounded my love of Sci-fi, the paranormal and building mountains out of mash tatties, much to my mother’s dismay. After the X-files though, nothing came close until Fringe arrived with Walter and his Walterisms. 😀

  2. ah yes, mash mountains – made a few of those meself 🙂


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