Funky Fan Art!

Huge thanks to Becky Allsop for creating this most excellent version of the evil Moonface.

She’s pretty but with eyes that would stab you in the back and nick your liver given half a blink.

I’d like to see your version of Bentley…perhaps a trio as he merges from weeny to 12 to an old wrinkly like me.

Noooo – how about your version of Kimi?

Or better still Babbage complete with deformities and gloopy snot.

And crows.

And Stella.

And Big Sue wearing his snood.

And monkey Rehd, and Ruthie in a tutu.

Oh, and Patina with the swirly eyes.

And a Bellamy’s aunt before and after the implosion.

And Blavatsky with her wispy hair and piggy eyes.

I could go on.

Or how about a huge group shot?

I’d like to say I’m tickled pink but apparently there’s bliss flies about. Well done, Becky. That’s just brilliant! What a talent!


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