Danny Boyle’s Olympic Production? Been there, done that.

Three weeks ago, I sent my lovely beta readers 90% of Kimi2. The last chapter they would read is a scene of spectacular proportion; a filmic production on a grand scale.

Two nights ago, watching Danny Boyle’s visionary production opening the 2012 London Olympics made my jaw hit the floor, not only for the incredible spectacle itself but for the reason that some things were more than familiar.

In Kimi2, my grand production takes place on a grassy moor dressed with hillocks and standing stones, where many humans and greylians, gathered for this judgement day, watch from scaffolding seating as soldiers roam the scene, waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Seeing the surreal image of Boyle’s grassy mounds and the watching crowds made me smile. The similarity to my `imagined` Kimi scene was vague, but I could see it.

Back to Kimi2, and my `ceremony` kicks off with a mad Welsh woman singing and dancing. Then the moor begins to move, rumble, and huge stones push from the earth building into two enormous structures each as tall as three houses.

Boyle’s emerging chimneys stretched my jaw a tad.

Back to Kimi2 and the famoose arrive; rodents with wings, glittering wings, fifty thousand of them stream from the Welsh woman’s skirts in two lines of shimmering light, encircling the enormous stone structures.

Boyle’s luminescent, winged cyclists streamed into the stadium in two lines. I think I said: `Ha!`

Back to Kimi2 and (spoilers, darling) the big moment arrives. A surprise guest turns up via helicopter. Yes, her majesty herself, dressed totally in pink, addresses Kimi and has a little chuckle.

The Kimi2 scene ends with everyone looking to the air and watching a golden explosion of light.

When the Olympic rings raised above the arena and, erm, exploded their golden light, well, I went and bought some tarot cards.

Seriously folks, you couldn’t make it up.



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  1. ever considered — the Pools ;^D

  2. That is so spooky!

  3. Creepy! Do you have any thoughts on powerball numbers? 😉


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