FREE ebooks for your smartphone or PC (and Kindle)

Not a lot of people know this

There are tons of FREE eBooks available on Amazon for Kindle

Not yet owning a Kindle does not mean you can’t `buy` the books

You can download a FREE app to your smartphone or PC from any Kindle book page on Amazon, which then creates a cool Kindle simulation on your chosen device

Furthermore, once you do buy yourself a Kindle, all of those titles you have purchased or downloaded for FREE can be transferred from your device to your new Kindle

Yep, that simple.

Give it a go with this one:

Kimi’s Secret, UK:

Kimi’s Secret, USA:

Kimi’s Secret, Germany:

Kimi’s Secret, France:

***** 18 out of 18 x 5 star reviews *****

FREE until 29th August.

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