Which Editor?

Whole flocks of `editors` float around the web, and the thought of choosing an editor can be daunting.

My advice is to judge by quality and connection.

Begin by choosing three editors who appeal to you.

And by appeal I mean how they present and promote themselves and what level of testimonials they have.

And most importantly: make sure they offer a free appraisal along with some free sample edits.

Contact them, send the info they require to create said appraisal and free editorial sample.

A worthy editor will connect with story, voice, style, genre perceptions and conventions and supply sample edits (hopefully  the full first chapter) that will bring improvements to your work and blow your socks into space at the same time.

You will know.

You will feel the connection.


Kimi’s Fear – the trailer.

Check out the trailer for Kimi’s Fear.

Perpetual thanks to Oliver Martin at mybooktrailer.com for creating a most excellent soundtrack and for pushing me and poking me and pestering me until he was sure I had got what I wanted with the accompanying imagery and effects.


Buy Kimi’s Fear:https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00A9R61N4

Contact mybooktrailer.com: http://mybooktrailer.com/

Kimi’s Fear gets its first review…

Ive been eagerly awaiting this since I turned the last page on Kimi’s Secret, I have not been disappointed! This is one amazing book. Kimi and her mojo are on her adventures again, all her old friends are there, monkeys, crows Greylians, the Famooses are back, there are exploding clowns heads and fish that taste of fruit. It’s fantasy, it’s Sci-Fi,it’s thrilling, it’s cute, this book will fire your imagination like no other. From the very first page it is written so richly it’s like turning the pages of a picture book. Highly recommended read,totally enjoyable and well worth buying.”


`Family` – a poem for Thanksgiving.


The birth and the dough
It’s kneads must you know
It comes from the pool
And often with fool
I take from the folks
All that they give
Pass on and grow
As long as I live
So my brood’s in the mood
To carry that on
And a good mood is sured
As sured I am
To give to the future
For love of the past
Each effort is great
My family – a blast
But all is not lost
No effort in vain
Despite every tear
Unwarranted pain
Because they carry on
When I’m dead and gone
My hands mixed to the unruly pool
Hopefully less of the crazy fool
And so it should be
For all who will listen
To make family shine
To make them all glisten
Your best must be given
With effort no boundary
Work hard with the gift
And hard at the foundry
Then you too can see
What family means
A good hearty laugh
And a shared tin of beans!

On Editing

On Editing.

20 books for 20 bucks – Thanksgiving Special

book less than a dollar – only for a few days! Find the books included in the
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Thanksgiving promotion – 20 Books for 20 Bucks!

What the title says! Each book less than a dollar – only for a few days! Find the books included in the promo here!


Kimi’s Fear – available now for Kindle.



Paperback available soon.

Kimi’s Fear … coming soon!

Take a look at the fab cover for Kimi’s Fear. It is the first time JD Smith has ever stretched a greylian’s head or created the greylian’s trademark cupcake smile, but heck she’s done a fine job.




It’s Good News Week


My new website is up and running: http://www.johnhudspith.co.uk/

Thanks to http://www.jdsmith-design.co.uk/   for such an amazing job.


I’ve watched the new trailer for Kimi’s Fear… thanks to Oliver Martin at mybooktrailer.com for such a frightening production. Oliver is applying the final tweaks before I can show the world.

In the meantime you can view the trailer for Kimi’s Secret here: http://mybooktrailer.com/


Kimi’s Fear returned from the proof reader and even he, a self-confessed cantankerous, hard-to-please old git, liked the story. Yay!!


JD Smith Design is also taking care of the formatting and has undertaken the task of creating just the right cover.

(for squeezing greylian heads and giving them cupcake smiles…I thank you!)


Kimi’s Secret has been recommended to Awesome Indies. Yay!


And to top all that I’ve just received a lovely handwritten letter:

Dear John,

My husband Tony purchased Kimi’s Secret, knowing it would appeal to my sense of imagination and adventure. I thought I would let you know that I enjoyed the book immensely. It came to mind you could be the next J K Rowling. I also think the story could be made into a very exciting film.

I wish you all the best with further literature.

Yours Sincerely, Jane F.

And Finally…

All I want now is to sell the rights to Disney. C’mon Disney – I’m waiting!

Buy Kimi’s Secret:

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B005ZCQ91W

Amazon USA: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005ZCQ91W

Amazon DE: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B005ZCQ91W

Amazon FR: https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B005ZCQ91W