Beware the Moon

Tonight, our moon will be a full one … at least it will be above my bit of planet. Our moon pulls our tides back and forth as Earth rotates. During a full moon, the high tides become higher and the low tides lower. It is argued by some that, because we humans are made up of up to 75% water (or wine in my case), the moon will also tug at our liquidity, bringing us our own highs and lows, often resulting in acts of lunacy when the moon is full and its tug most powerful.


Some police forces increase staffing levels around full moons to cope with the increase in human altercations.

Some hospitals recognise the same increased staffing needs in A&E, and some club owners will chuck an extra heavy on the door when the howlers are out in force.

Some corporations will not schedule important meetings or make important decisions when the moon is in its harshest influential state.

Some. Not all.

Not all believe the full moon has an effect on animal behaviour, and there is as yet no conclusive proof either way.

As my kids grew up, I noticed a change in their behaviour when the moon was full. They’d be more boisterous, more argumentative, easier to provoke, easier to explode into tears at the smallest of things. Even today, if one of the brats is going out for a moonlit night on the tiles, or is travelling, or attending an important meeting, they’ll be advised to `beware the moon` and they will nod knowingly as they walk out the door.


Within myself, when the moon shines brightest, I sometimes feel a kind of inner pressure on the mind which makes me want to tear my skull open and turn into a wolf and ravage people (not really but you get the point). If I’m writing on a full moon, it feels as if the muse has dropped acid and is doing the fandango and I can barely keep up as my imagination orchestrates multidinous riots.

So, what about you? Do you beware the moon? Do you feel it, use it? Or is it just a load of baloney?






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  1. Nice one, Johnny. Summer or winter, our old dog, Winston, used to yowl for most of the night if the full moon shone through our windows. We used to pray for rain so we could get some sleep.

    • So the rain (cloud cover) hides the bright moon and Winston quiets. Maybe he was objecting at the `sun` still being out when it was time for sleep?

  2. louisewise

     /  January 16, 2014

    I can’t say the moon bothers me. I’m an amateur astronomer freak so other than stare at it or run for my telescope, no, I can’t say my moods change. Wouldn’t call it baloney though, think there’s something in it even if it’s just the magnetic pull on our mental behaviour.

  3. Nice blog. Midwife daughter hates being on night when the moon is full. She says all the crazies seem to deliver in one go. The Jeremy Kyle show’s got nothing on SHH Maternity Unit during a full moon.

  4. I get the same feeling during a full moon. I used to pay better attention to the cycles, but now, I’ll be typing, cleaning, or working madly then look out at the sky and go, “Ah ha! I knew it!” 🙂

    • Yes, you can sense it, can’t you, that pull, that heightened awareness of the power within, that rawness brought to every edge.

  1. Beware the Moon | Louise Wise

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