A Writing Masterclass Success

Shani knew there was something not quite right with her opening chapters but didn’t know what.

She asked if I could put my finger on it.

So I did.

After identifying the problem areas, we did a masterclass, shaping and honing those skewed elements and ensuring a good understanding was achieved.

My enormously apt pupil Shani Struthers had this to say: apple

`John was fabulous to deal with, he’s direct but he’s funny with it and very encouraging. I thought I knew loads by the time I came to novel number three, but I made mistakes and John showed me how to fix them… from this point onwards, I hope! John’s also very quick, which, as an impatient soul, I really appreciated. So, if you’re stuck on a WIP, if you need guidance, if you just don’t know who to turn to next – I’ve got one word for you – John! He really does have great analytic instinct for what works and what doesn’t, and certainly knows how to explain his findings in the simplest of ways.`

Read Shani’s full review on her blog: http://shanisite.wordpress.com/2014/02/04/a-master-class-in-writing/

Thank you, Shani. It was a pleasure.

More details on the masterclass process coming soon.

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  1. I’m making waffles this morning John – would you care for some? Seriously though, thanks so much John – this master class helped me A LOT and yes, I did just shout there! Writing is a solitary business and although we have beta readers to help us along with constructive criticism, sometimes you need to get it right before it goes to beta readers. Invaluable. xxx


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