An Unchoreographed Life

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Jane Davis is one of my newfound heroes. A prizewinning literary author who tackles the trickiest of subjects and has turned to producing the very finest self-published literary works. She’s a wonderful writer I’m cheering on full voice. She also, as you will see as she discusses her wonderful book An Unchoreogra[hed Life, gives the most wonderful interviews!

1. Let me start with your covers – how important is it for you to maintain such a recognisable feel to your books? If you could summarise that feel, what would you say?

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Branding has become hugely important to me – although I’d be lying if I said that I was fully aware of its importance when I first self-published.

Transworld had the right of first refusal of my second novel, and they exercised it. Half-truths and White Lies was published under their women’s fiction imprint, and the manuscript I presented them…

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Am I unique? Don’t think so…

Am I unique? Don’t think so…. Outlining, planning, checking, recording, reordering, editing, transcribing, checking, editing, beta reading, editing, checking, editing again . . . each writer has his own ideas on how to get that story into readable and reliable shape. Here, eloquent wordsmith Prue Batten reveals her meticulously reliable process of creation: