John Hudspith, Editor

John Hudspith, Editor.

The perfection that is Anatomia Humani Corporis

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My passion for hand bound books is well-known. This is probably the most beautiful one I will ever own.
It took over a month to make and the specially treated paper can only be made in summer as it needs hot weather and sun to be able to dry. Alex of AlexLibris, the amazing book artist who made it, worked especially hard to finish it for me in time for the new year.

Fate had other plans, however. Unfortunately,  postal services all over Europe suffered great interruptions this year due to the way that Christmas public holidays fell. The Swedish postal service alone only delivered post 7 days of 21 around Christmas, so all my post was very late. This parcel travelled all the way from Serbia so got stuck somewhere for 2.5 weeks and updates just stopped. Alex was more than wonderful. As always, he kept in constant contact…

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Guest author and editor: John Hudspith

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Suzan Collins: Author of Fiction and Non-Fiction

Welcome, John Hudspith…


Can you tell me a little about yourself?

I live in the UK with my wife, Andrea and two lovely dogs, and writing is my living.

What books have you published?

Kimi’s Secret, a paranormal sci-fi fantasy and its sequel Kimi’s Fear.

Were you inspired by someone or something?

Yes, I set myself a challenge to create an original otherworld and an original storyline that would encompass all those things I loved when I was growing up: aliens, ghosts, time-travel and monsters under the bed; a story that could be enjoyed by adults and kids alike.

What do you like about writing a story?

The creational challenge, coming up not only with something new but an enjoyable plot.

Can you tell us about your newest book?

The second book Kimi’s Fear takes off where the first book ends. Kimi finds herself accused of murder and…

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Publish traditionally, solo self-publish or something else? Advice for the 2015 writer

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Nail Your Novel

2015 writerLast year I wrote a post about whether I’d advise an author to publish or selfpublish. A year on, the landscape for authors is remarkably different – or perhaps not remarkable if you’ve been waiting for a bubble to burst.

Indie authors have seen sales plummet because of the sheer numbers of books available, and subscription schemes such as Kindle Unlimited have created a breed of readers who won’t shop outside a limited free list.

Might this mean it’s better to be traditionally published?

Not from what I’ve seen. My friends with trad deals aren’t having a good time either. Leaving aside royalties and advances (which seem to offer little financial reward for all the hard work writing), their books aren’t getting a decent chance for a long-term future.

A friend whose first novel won a major award in 2012 has just watched his fourth novel launch with no more…

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