My Monday Guest – Prue Batten

I love it when my lovely writers connect – you’re never too far away!

Siobhan Daiko

Today I’m absolutely delighted to host the lovely Prue Batten on my blog.


Prue and I met on Facebook a year ago. We share the same awesome editor, John Hudspith, and it was through his recommendation that I read Gisbourne: Book of Pawns, a book I love. Wecome, Prue. Please tell us about yourself and your writing!

‘She lives too far away…’

That’s the one milestone moment I remember most about my early journey as a writer.

I had been selected by a consultancy to be shopped around London as a writer of promise. The agent most interested took a week to make up her mind and finally said: ‘She lives too far away. I know I shall probably regret this, but on the grounds of physical distance, I have to say no.’

Not writing ability, not story quality. But distance…

I was gobsmacked – we had email at…

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  1. I apologise for spelling Gisborne wrong. I’ve corrected it on the original post.


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