To Plot or not to Plot…

On Writing & Editing

The majority of writers do not plot. They will say “I can’t do that” and “that’s not me” or “that’s not my style”

That is a load of tosh!

Then they will write their story/novel and be joyful upon typing THE END but alas the tears come when plot holes open up and swallow their pride or reader becomes bored and puts the book down.

What most writers fail to realise is that writing down that first draft is indeed a weak form of plotting. I see so many writers do this. My advice is thus: If you think you can’t plot, can’t plan, or that doing such things is not your style, then you are wrong.

Writing that first draft is indeed the act of planning and plotting in its weakest form. To fix, recognise the first draft for what it is, and the second, and the third, and…

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