In The Chair 55

What do you dislike the most about Christmas?

John: Commercial tat made by far away children paid coppers, shunted to our shores via monster vessels leaving carbon footprints the size of China, and sold for ten times more than it cost to make. Instead, use that money to do something worthwhile: plant an MP, save a chicken, do an hour less work, that kind of thing.

Jan Ruth

Merry Christmas, John Hudspith!


How would you describe your Christmas in only three words? 

John: Merry. Bloated. Family.

If you could have a relationship with a literary festive character who would it be and why?

John: Sally Skellington. I’d have her in stitches. Or maybe Mrs Claus. Santa only comes once a year. I reckon she’d be grateful.

If you had to exist for a week in a Christmas story … which one would it be?

John: Maybe It’s a Wonderful Life – partly so I could experience being black and white. And partly to enjoy being mesmerised by James Stewart’s Donald Duck voice whilst crying at the beautiful side of humanity. But then again that chick in Gremlins is pretty hot. Yeah, give me Gremlins instead.

2014-new-arrival-Sexy-Christmas-font-b-Costume-b-font-font-b-Mrs-b-font-fontDead or alive literary Christmas lunch: who would you invite, and what would you serve? 

John: I have over fifty writers on my books, hardworking…

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