Looking for an established indie editor? Submission guidelines and testimonials…




Want a quote for editing your novel?

Simply send me a word doc containing:






  • your first (approx) 3000 words
  • a synopsis if you have one
  • the blurb (rough will do nicely)
  • let me know the total word count if the novel is complete
  • tell me a little about yourself and the inspirations and aspirations for your work.

I will read the work, appraise it, and supply some sample edits along with a quote for completing the project.

I also edit novellas, short stories, flash-fiction, articles, and can help you to create an enticing query letter, pitch, blurb or synopsis. If you’re looking for these services please get in touch: johnny@johnhudspith.co.uk



I wholeheartedly agreed with every single suggestion Johnny made, which is testament to how well he understood what I was trying to do as an author.” J. Smith

Johnny edited my novella Plague, which was subsequently signed by publishers Simon & Schuster. After finishing my latest novel, it didn’t take much thought to email him and ask him to polish another of my babies.” L Hinsley

Johnny is no mean novelist in his own right. As such he brings his own writing skills to the table. This alone is worth paying for. Why? Because as a client you’ll benefit from more than his editor’s red pen. He’ll also be your writing tutor and mentor.” A Stormont

If your plotline feels like you’re wading through treacle, or the flow is sluggish, or there’s plot holes that need filling and you don’t know your POV from your elbow, get in touch with Johnny and let him work his magic on your story. You’ll be glad you did.” P Howes

I quite liked the way Johnny didn’t assume I’d agree with his edits. I also liked the way he encouraged feedback from me and the speed at which he worked. You give him a deadline, and boy, he delivers!” L Wise

Silver Rain is the fourth novel John has smoothed over for me, as well as numerous short stories, and each time he manages to tighten and tweak, removing the fluff I didn’t see collecting in the corners, and preventing my characters from running down the stairs when they were already in the hall.” J Ruth

I had not expected that I would also get a brilliant mentor, my own private Yoda, complete with wise suggestions and fluff-cutting laser-sword. Johnny turned the editing process into a fun challenge, and he was always at my side pushing me to improve.” H Sidelmann Norup



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