Doffing my cap

Kimi’s Secret – nods and inspirations.

When asked if I had dropped any nods within the pages of Kimi’s Secret, I shrugged, and erm, nodded. Course I did. But when I ran through the whole story again in order to form some kind of nod list I was surprised to find enough nods to fill a shed. Apparently I had been doffing my cap nonstop.

There’s a nod to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the shape of Doyle’s Den. Perhaps his characters in The  Lost World (a spellbinding childhood read) should have made their den as robust as this on Heart.

Some will know that brilliant author Agatha Christie went missing for eleven days in 1926, her disappearance a mystery until now…she was of course on a mission in Heart, where eleven days turned to almost two years (what with the time-diff and all that) and Adept Christie established the biggest library in the universe.

The talking monkeys and the alien involvement in earth affairs were inspired by childhood favourites the Planet of the Apes TV series and films, and later, Arthur C Clarke’s novel and film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Roddy the monkey has only a brief part but is homage to Roddy McDowall who played various chimps in the Planet of the Apes films and TV series. I remember him best as the chimpanzee Galen, a chimp I used to sketch quite a lot and hang on my bedroom wall alongside posters of Kate Bush and Batman.

Douglas Adams finally revealed the meaning of life in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as being the numerical solution: ‘42’ – Hence we have 42 standing stones producing the most powerful energy one can imagine because 42 is simply so important. Important enough to also be included within the mathematical formula for the Jiffy, enabling not only a jump back in time, but to slip through dimensions as well. Good old 42!

Not a nod but a full blown bow goes to genius artist Mark Ryden in the form of the swamp for retired tulpas. Mr Ryden’s boundless virtuosity is inspirational in all my writing.

Then there’s the gruesome Bellamy’s Aunt, an ugly toad the size of a bucket, a tongue in cheek nod to the great David Bellamy, one of my favewit (sorry David) environmentalists. Of course he would have his rightful place on Heart, and I hope he would smile at the toad.

The incomparable Dylan Thomas, his swimmingly haunting and soul-grasping Under Milk Wood an inspiration for many scenes in Kimi’s Secret. Dylan gets well nodded, he does. Adept Thomas even has a statue on Heart.

Charles Dickens, his fabulous gusto, his outrageously fantastic characters, earned quite a few doffs of my hat; his magnificent mastery of characterisation the inspiration for the entire cast of Kimi’s Secret.

The magical author Lewis Carroll gets a statue and a street named after him, along with a crow tumbling down a rabbit hole.

Stephen King gets a whole chapter dedicated to his 2009 epic Under the Dome.

Tons of weeny nods go to the sagaciously wonderful Monty Python; the burning bush in the gulley, one such example.

Stephen Spielberg, Harry Potter, and even Bill Oddie get little winks.

There are many more, including oodles to family and friends. Writing in all the nods was fun, self-indulgent, and I did it because I could.


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  1. This is terrific stuff and a real eye-opener. Thank you!

  2. Thank you very much.


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