Meet Moonface

“Now for the mathematics,” the little girl said. “Assuming you try something, and my greylian friend puts a stop to it by blowing Kimi’s right foot off; allowing for the other foot and both of her hands, that means you might like to try at least four wrong moves before we start on the feet and hands of others. Do you understand?”

Meet Kimi’s latest adversary: Moonface.

Moonface is one of the `walleyed` greylian/human hybrids and she’s after Kimi’s brain.

Huge thanks to my son Sean and his fiancée Becky for bringing one of my characters to life in the form of the most amazing birthday present.

And massive thanks to Jane Hudson of Idigbo Puppets for such outstanding craftsmanship. I sent Jane the chapter in which Moonface makes her first appearance and Jane did her proud, right down to the duck egg blue Converse. Magic!

You can contact Jane on 01889 591798

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  1. That is truly unique – what a fantastic idea!

  2. She is unique, and gorgeous. Now I want a Kimi, and a Bentley, a crow, a Bellamy’s Aunt, and a Babbage with gloopy snot, and of course a famoose.

  3. That thing is creepy. Just me? Really nicely done.


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