Kimi’s Secret – some quotes from the book:

  • “Kimi, if I’m lying to you, then I promise to crap a whole herd of cows.”

Bentley assuring Kimi of his honesty in the matter of time-difference.

  • “Oh – one last thing,” Bentley said. “Do you have any fillings?”

            “Um – yeah, two I think. Why?”

            “They need to come out. Get that sorted will you?” he said to Stella.

            “Ach – it’ll be a pleasure,” Stella said, opening the door.

            Kimi looked worriedly at Bentley, but he was waving her away.

Bentley initiating some emergency dentistry.

  • “Open up!” ordered Stella, eyes bulging. “I pwomise you I’m weally good at this,” she said in a scary, little-girl voice. “There’ll hardly be any bwood!”

Stella about to perform emergency dentistry.


  • “Purpose, the first P, is required, because without purpose there is no drive – and drive one must! Pride is important because pride, if used correctly, provides fuel for the drive. And Perseverance is forever ahead of you, pulling you forward. Never let perseverance fall behind…but perfection is never a requirement for it is only a perception. Can you see that, sweetheart?”

Patina explaining why perfection is moot.


  • “Take it all in,” Patina said, sweeping her hair back. “This is Heart – a home for heroes and heroines with hunger…” Kimi gazed into the swirling green eyes. “…hunger for knowledge, a greater existence, and for hope and pride. Can you be that heroine, Balancer Kimi Nichols? Can you?”

The oath.


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