The dodo

The dodo.


Growing up to a metre in height and weighing substantially more than four Christmas turkeys, the dodo is currently extinct on Earth, wiped out by hungry humans who failed to recognise the importance in conservation of the species.

But fear not, Heart’s scientists have brought the dodo back to life, cultivating the breed as a sustainable food source. And as Bentley would have you know: “There’s no better taste on Heart – like chicken, pork and beef, all rolled up in one.”

Here’s Kimi tasting dodo for the first time…

“Kimi lapped the drool from her lips, jabbed the fork in the meat and cut a mouth-sized slice. The taste was as Bentley had promised. An initial smack of roast chicken was soon rolled over by a wave of juicy pork. Then came the succulent flavour of tongue-melting roast beef. Juice was dripping from Kimi’s chin. `Very nice,` she said, going back for more.”

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