The world of Heart

The world of Heart. Tulpas and mojo. 3 winners

Heart, of course, is an anagram of Earth.

Heart is Earth’s control centre, where those chosen for their own good hearts strive to make our known world a better place. These warriors for goodness are known as Balancers; their duty to keep the equilibrium – and that means keeping everything balanced just nice.

Whether it be genetically manipulating  a worm, or performing keyhole surgery without a hole, or overseeing the reintroduction of dodos, or chasing the bad guys through time-travel with all guns blazing, the Balancer must use his mojo well.

Everything in the pages of Kimi’s Secret, from the characters to the gadgets to the creatures and the science has a credible history, a meaning, a link to our known world that can be explained with full and proper logic. It is this solid foundation which provides the living flesh for Kimi’s adventures.


So we’ll begin with the mojo: that special magic which exists in every single one of us.

In times of need, especially dire need, we humans are capable of calling on our inner strength. Documented cases are many: how the woman found the strength to lift the car off a child, or how the man held his breath for an unbelievable time to rescue the child from a burning house or a sunken car. Extreme focus can bring extreme results and this is the one human attribute I wanted to tap into.

This `magic` we are capable of has been documented in various forms throughout our history books and ancient scriptures. It is said that intense meditation (or focus) can bring great spiritual awareness, even to the point of creating another being that might stand alongside us. It is recorded that the monks of Tibet can summon these `thought-forms` purely through intense focus. These forms or `other beings` are known as tulpas and this is the basis for the tulpas in Kimi’s world. Just like every witch might have a familiar, every Balancer has a tulpa and so the character Bentley was born – a character in a book from Kimi’s childhood; a boy who saved a puppy. In Kimi’s time of `dire need` she summoned her inner strength and Bentley was brought to life to help save the day.

Tulpas (in Kimi’s world) can come in many shapes and sizes, more often than not in the form of some hero character from a book; their skills in mojo manipulation are usually good though sometimes hampered by the chosen form. Big Sue, for example, is Stella’s tulpa. Big Sue is really a `he` and is obsessed with cleaning. Not an easy task for a man whose head touches the ceiling.

Tulpas often get into trouble when visiting the earth world. Hidden from the human eye, sometimes a glitch, a waver in dimension boundaries, might cause the human to think he’d glimpsed a ghost. Tulpas might be brave, might be willing to fight for your life, but as Kimi will tell you they can also be a pain in the neck.

Focusing on that problem, that hurdle in life, is always so much easier when you focus on your inner mojo. May the force be with you!



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