FAQs – editing services



  • What do you edit?

Novels, novellas and short stories, all genres: from romance to erotica, crime to historical, thriller and supernatural, children’s books, as well as screenplays, synopses, blurbs, pitches, query letters.


  • What kind of editing do you do?

Copy editing: My editorial suggestions will apply to the many elements of the writing craft: satisfactory conflict and resolution, pace and structure, dialogue, mood and tone, characterisation – including character action and reaction (plot), as well as grammar and punctuation; all the while ensuring that your unique narrative voice is brought to the fore and made the best it can be.


  • How much will it cost me?

That depends on where you are as a writer. Some writers will have a good grasp of the storytelling elements and techniques, some might struggle in areas of over-writing or POV misuse, or ineffectual characters or plot-line, or some might be so clued-up, that all is needed is a basic edit and proofread.

This is why I provide a FREE sample edit. Not only does this allow me to appraise the level of your work and thus calculate the cost, it enables you to appraise the quality of the edits before going ahead.


  • How long will it take to edit my novel?

If you have a deadline we can work together to hit it. I’m often asked if I can complete a project within a month/fortnight and I’m always happy to oblige wherever possible. Those not confined to deadlines take an average eight to twelve weeks to complete.


  • Do you edit the whole novel in one go?

Some authors like to move through the manuscript a few chapters at a time, developing the story as we go. Others prefer to send the whole manuscript – whatever works best for you.


  • Does that mean I can pay in instalments too?

Yes, if you wish to work in chapter blocks, you will only pay for the word count sent.


  • How long before I get each block back?

Usually in seven to ten days.


  • I need to watch my pennies. Would you be happy to edit one block per month?

Yes, many of my writers take this option. You control the speed of the project by sending the next block and payment at a time that suits you.


  • Will editing alter my unique style/voice?

No. My aim as your editor is to hone your natural voice via rhythm and word choice, to make it shine!


  • Do you edit short stories?

Yes please. I do like picking the bones from a good short story.


  • What do I actually get for my money?

As well as editing your work, my charge includes help with blurb, strap-lines, synopsis (if required), query letter (if required), and any other advice and assistance I can give along the way.


  • What if I disagree with an edit and we can’t see eye to eye?

My aim is always that the writer will agree with at least 90% of editorial suggestions. Minor edits sometimes come down to personal preference. And that’s what they are `suggestions`, for your consideration, always open for discussion and debate.


  • But seriously, what if I really disagree?

At the time of writing I’ve edited around sixty novels, as well as many novellas and numerous shorts . . . I’ve yet to experience such a situation. There is always a way, always a solution, and between us we will always find it.


  • Do you provide ideas for plot development?

Yes, any plot hole or plot weakness will always be fixed, and suggestions for additional content will often be given.


  • You offer a `Masterclass` – what does this consist of?

Around 10% of novels that come my way are not ready for an editor. One or two of the storytelling elements may be way out of sync, such as conflict deficiency, over-writing or POV misuse. In such cases, the author needs to understand the weakness and how to overcome it. This is achieved by completing a series of exercises on the work in question and honing the shortfall until conventions and reader perceptions and expectations are at their very best and the writer can walk away, head held high with the knowledge he is now a better writer.


  • Sounds great. Could you do my ironing as well?

I’m afraid I’m not very good at that.


Got a question?   email me: johnny@johnhudspith.co.uk


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