Gondolas, cover bans and affirmation – It’s all in Siobhan Daiko’s writing life


Siobhan Daiko AuthorToday we are thrilled to welcome back friend of the WRs, Siobhan Daiko, to the blog. Siobhan was born in and raised in Hong Kong. Before becoming a writer, Siobhan had a range of jobs from post office mistress to high school teacher. Siobhan now lives with her husband and two cats in the Veneto region of Northern Italy, where she spends her time writing, researching historical characters, and enjoying the dolce vita. We had loads of questions to ask Siobhan when she came back to visit us and, as always, she has a lot going on!

What’s the best bit of feedback you’ve had about any of your novels so far?

An Amazon USA review of The Orchid Tree which said my characters were now a part of their life. That absolutely made my day.
You have had considerable success as a self-published author, but would you ever consider…

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To Plot or not to Plot…

On Writing & Editing

The majority of writers do not plot. They will say “I can’t do that” and “that’s not me” or “that’s not my style”

That is a load of tosh!

Then they will write their story/novel and be joyful upon typing THE END but alas the tears come when plot holes open up and swallow their pride or reader becomes bored and puts the book down.

What most writers fail to realise is that writing down that first draft is indeed a weak form of plotting. I see so many writers do this. My advice is thus: If you think you can’t plot, can’t plan, or that doing such things is not your style, then you are wrong.

Writing that first draft is indeed the act of planning and plotting in its weakest form. To fix, recognise the first draft for what it is, and the second, and the third, and…

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Author Interview: John Hudspith

Thank you, Poppet…

My Monday guest, Mandy Jackson Beverly, author of “A Secret Muse”

Ladies, gentle men, I give you the scrumptious smorgasbord that is Mandy Jackson-Beverly…

My Monday guest, Jade West, queen of erotic romance.

“I write largely from experience, and I hope that shows. I really was a chatline operator, and I really am a filthy cow.”

Tapestry – let’s call the professionals

Source: Tapestry – let’s call the professionals

My Monday Guest, Pam Howes, queen of rock fiction.

My lovely writer Pam Howes tells all…

Snakes and Ladders – An Indie Journey With A Very Happy Ending

Which camp are you in?

Joanne Phillips

Today on the blog I have the very lovely Jan Ruth, taking about her indie journey – it really has been a game of snakes and ladders, but I’m sure you’ll agree the success Jan has found has been entirely of her own making. If ever the phrase ‘You make your own luck’ applied to anyone, it’s demonstrated here in spades. Read on …


“My self-publishing journey has been up and down, round the houses and back again. It’s a different experience for each and every author. Any perceived failure or success is dependent on a lot of individual criteria, how you measure it and what you learn from it.

Throw into this mix, hundreds of online experts clamouring for your attention and offering advice – most of it speculative and out of date in less than a week – from how to market your book, how to design its cover, why…

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In The Chair 42

My lovely shiny writer, Anne Stormont is in the chair today…

John Hudspith, Editor

Source: John Hudspith, Editor