Happy reader = Happy writer

This is what I like: my story playing out on reader’s mind-stage, making that connection via marks on a page. And you know you have been successful when you receive a review with comments like:

`when I find gems like the Kimi books I feel the need to shout about it from the rooftops`


`doorways to an imaginary world so vast, so rich and so colourful that every child and every adult should step inside`


`there’s a phrase I’ve learnt lately: the ‘book hangover’ and boy did I have one`

Kimi'sFearCover3 JPEG


`the book was incredible, and it was deep. Not so deep that you don’t get whooshed along by the breathtaking storyline`

`it’s a story of bravery and responsibility`

`it’s an inspirational tale, and it’s all the more exciting for it`

`God, in this story, is brilliant. He’s wise, he’s funny, he’s pretty damn cool`


`it made me laugh,

it made me draw breath,

it made me gawp at the clever little twists and turns`


`read them!`

`buy them for your kids,

buy them for your friend’s kids,

buy them for anyone’s kids,

but also buy them for you`

`That’s how I feel about the Kimi books`

That sounds like one happy reader.

Thank you, Jessica.

Read the full review: <a href=”http://godcorpnovel.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/kimi-nichols-well-and-truly-live-and.html

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