Kimi’s Trailers

“I don’t read many self published books, but I gave Kimi’s Secret a whirl last year and it was better than Marmite on toast (a good thing BTW). So, I simply had to download the sequel. Hudspith doesn’t disappoint. There’s the same oddball creativity, high standard of writing and imaginative plotting that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The characters are so well rounded and real you expect them to climb out of the Kindle, and in some cases eat your teeth/brains. Kimi goes from strength to strength and really develops in this latest episode, facing up to some horrible situations and difficult choices. I really now need to know What Kimi Did Next.” Amazon review.Kimi'sFearCover3 JPEG

“Ive been eagerly awaiting this since I turned the last page on Kimi’s Secret, I have not been disappointed! This is one amazing book. Kimi and her mojo are on her adventures again, all her old friends are there, monkeys, crows Greylians, the Famooses are back, there are exploding clowns heads and fish that taste of fruit. It’s fantasy, it’s Sci-Fi,it’s thrilling, it’s cute, this book will fire your imagination like no other. From the very first page it is written so richly it’s like turning the pages of a picture book. Highly recommended read,totally enjoyable and well worth buying.” Amazon review.

Kimi’s Secret only 0.77p eBook: UK:

Kimi’s Secret only .99c eBook USA:

Kimi’s Secret Trailer:

Kimi’s Fear eBook UK:

Kimi’s Fear eBook USA:

Kimi’s Fear paperback:

Kimi’s Fear Trailer:

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