Blaenavon Heritage Creature Comp WINNER

Gorgamels and Flogx and Spotapuse – oh my!

I asked the pupils to help with casting for KIMI2

Casting an evil creature, that is, and boy what fun we had.

We had Gorgamels and Flogx and Ficro and Rocky and Spotapuse and Bloodface and not to mention the Super Star Boy; all kinds of weird, wonderful and sometimes simply disgusting creatures that, trying to pick a winner, proved very difficult.

After much deliberation, I can now quite proudly announce that the WINNER, the Star of the Show, is none other than the terrifying…

SIGNATURE” created by the wicked Lloyd Richardson.

The Signature species is a creature of infinity.

It can jump as high as a star and can run as fast as an alien space craft.

It strolls along insulting its prey even when it’s not worth the effort.

It takes a sample of DNA from an unsuspecting creature and mutates into them.

Once he has a DNA sample he can turn into it at any time.

He can also mutate into all manner of different parts of different Species and morph them together to create a super creature.

The Signature devours its prey through their dreams. It sends a copy of itself into their dreams. The prey doesn’t actually die but it believes it has and so is vulnerable to attack from the reality. The Signature eats its prey while it is busy dreaming about him and trying to stay alive.

By Lloyd Richardson

Well done, Lloyd. Your horrific beast is being written into Kimi2 right now and will appear in the published version later this year.

You win yourself a signed copy of Kimi’s Secret and a £10 Amazon voucher!


We also have a runner up… a special mention for Ellis Bristow’s beautifully drawn creation…


A rocky is a terrifying creature. Its smile a alarming sight.

A rocky can run as fast as a cheetah because he has big legs but it doesn’t round corners well.

It can jump as high as a double decker bus.

It eats peoples’ hearts and brains.

Its hands have nails like mini swords.

Its feet are gigantic with untrimmed toenails.

Its face is the ugliest thing you could ever see.

It loves to scare little children with its petrifying roar .

By Ellis Bristow.

Well done, Ellis. Your rocky creation looks really cool and came a very close second.

Rocky wins you a signed copy of Kimi’s Secret and a neat crow charm.



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