Blaenavon Heritage – Famoose comp WINNERS

What is a famoose?

Well, for a start it’s a mightily strong little beast. If you’re walking in the woods and a shimmering sphere the size of an orange comes floating towards you, don’t be fooled by its swirling colours or its hypnotic click-click-whirr as it bobs in the air in front of your face. Take a step back and keep your gob tightly shut because if the thing stops its clicking it’s about to pounce. And pounce it will. The colourful sphere is really its fast-moving wings, see – and when they open to reveal the wee mousey thing inside with buck teeth and fierce red eyes you had better hope your teeth are clean and healthy, because any sniff of badness and the famoose will leap straight to your mouth, prise it open and poke his snout inside. Bad teeth taste like walnuts, see, and the famoose crunch on them like crumbly rock. Eew!

We had some lovely entries for the `famoose`competition but choosing only one winner was very difficult.

After much ado, and with judging help from Adept Babbage himself, we have 3 deserved prize-winners.


In third place is Shannon Paine.


Shannon captured the fierce eyes and buckteeth in a lovely leaping action shot. Well done, Shannon. Your artistic flair wins you a very nice good luck crow charm.






In second place comes the highly disgusting Ben Powell.








Adept Babbage snorted for a week when he saw your touch of icky snot, Ben.

That ghastly green goo wins every time in his slobbery book so you just had to win a prize.

You too win a good luck crow charm.


But the undisputed winner is the talented Cailin Harding Jones.








Cailin’s bold depiction of a famoose in flight captures the fierce eyes, buckteeth, and the limbs folded neatly to its body.

Well done, Cailin. Your wonderful artwork wins you a crow charm and a signed copy of Kimi’s Secret.

Thanks everyone. Your prizes are winging their way to you right now!


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