GODCORP – a Devil of a good appraisal

When I searched for an editor for my debut novel I was looking for someone with exceptional skill  and an eye for detail, who would instinctively ‘get’ what I was trying to do with the story. I wanted someone who could help me craft the novel into the very best shape it could be. That someone was John Hudspith.
Johnny has a great talent – he has passion, insight and really does have the eyes of an eagle. I wholeheartedly agreed with every single suggestion he made, which I think is testament to just how well he understood what I was trying to do as an author. Every suggested amendment was in keeping with the feel of the book, and I was blown away when he suggested additional content – his dialogue especially was faultless, and I mean faultless. It was perfect. My characters came to life with his words!
I can’t recommend Johnny enough, I really can’t. He is worth every single penny, and a lot more besides! It doesn’t matter whether you are going to pursue a traditional publishing deal or go down the self-publishing route, if you have written a novel, novella or short story you NEED this man! If you’ve cared enough about your project to dedicate time and effort bringing it to life, do both yourself, and it, the biggest favour you can. Contact Johnny today!
Jessica Smith – `Godcorp`
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  1. louisewise

     /  November 3, 2013

    I completely agree with everything Jessica says. I’ve had many editors in the past, all were good, or so I thought until I used Johnny’s editing service.

    What I like most about him is that he isn’t happy with just editing, he teaches it too, and I finally think I understand the difference between ‘effect’ and ‘affect’.

  2. What a lovely testimonial to Johnny’s editing skills. I agree with every word. I’ve learned more from him over the years than I would ever have done on any writing course. 🙂


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