A happy Padawan, this one was…

When I contacted Johnny to get editorial feedback on my first novel Through the White Light, I had high expectations. I loved his novel, Kimi’s Secret and his editorial services came highly recommended. I was not ttwl1disappointed. Johnny is an excellent editor, and he sees everything. Everything. From pace and tension problems to nitty-gritty stuff like words that are not right for the individual characters, bits of pretty purple prose (that I couldn’t get myself to kill), and typos and grammatical errors. He will also suggest adjustments to improve clarity, flow or rhythm, and every suggestion I received was just right in voice and tone.



I had not expected that I would also get a brilliant mentor, my own private Yoda, complete with wise suggestions and fluff-cutting laser-sword. Johnny turned the editing process into a fun challenge, and he was always at my side pushing me to improve. He is generous with praise, and he always used examples of my own writing to show me what worked, giving me a boost of confidence and a new belief in my writing skills. I have learned a lot in the past four months, and I’m going to miss editing with Johnny… until next time.

`Through the White Light`

Helle Sidelmann Norup,  Switzerland.

Thank you, Helle.


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