Band of Australian Gold

Maggie Christensen says:
`When I decided to self-publish my first novel Band of Gold, I realised the need to have my work professionally edited and began to research potential editors. Basing my decision on recommendations of fellow writers, I reviewed several web pages, before finally narrowing my search down to three editors to each of whom I sent my first three chapters for a sample edit.

When I received the responses, in my mind there was no question that I would choose Johnny Hudspith. In addition to the general comments about my writing and the obvious cover32edits required, he immediately focussed on the parts of the first chapter which needed to be rewritten and made appropriate suggestions as to how I should do this. I felt that he would understand my voice and my characters, so made the decision to work with him.

I have not been disappointed. Johnny has been more than an editor. He has become a friend and mentor, whose goal is to help me to produce the best possible version of my novel. In addition to his consistent attention to detail, he understands my protagonist as well as I do myself and has been quick to let me know when she steps out of character. His ideas and suggestions have helped me tighten and improve my writing – even his suggestion for me to expand the sex scenes, which I had been avoiding.

Although we live at opposite ends of the earth, Johnny’s edits have arrived in my mailbox in a timely fashion, encouraging me to work on them immediately – often in the early hours of the morning – and his replies to my queries came fast too. I became adept at calculating international time differences.

Now when I write, it’s as if there’s a little Johnny Hudspith sitting on my shoulder giving directions. Evidence of this was brought home to me in my last writers’ group meeting, when my writing colleagues assured me that my current work is my best yet. Thank you, Johnny! I shall certainly be utilising your services for all my future writing.`

Maggie Christensen – Australia

Thank you, Maggie.


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