Broken Dolls gets snapped up.

Tyrolin Puxty is a multifaceted complexity of amazingly crazy talent: director, singer, song writer, journalist, actress, teacher and author, as well as being a huge inspiration to a group of singing and dancing kids.

Yep, crazy.10922171_10153880651985190_1532822314_n

When she came to me with her latest novel Broken Dolls, I only had to read the first chapter to know she’d hit gold.

After some developmental editing, and a little tweaking here and there to help the story on its way, the novel was soon complete and the author was chomping at the bit to tell the world about her brilliant creation. It wasn’t long, then, before Tyrolin was bursting with great news. I’ll let her tell you, she does love to talk…


“John Hudspith thinks I’m mad. And trust me, that’s one of his compliments. For over two years, John has experienced the inner musings of my fickle mind; he has travelled with cannily corseted Gypsies, survived a man-eating library, took on a female cat burglar, and lived as a broken doll.

Sure, I had the stories, but I didn’t have the technique. As John weaved through my madness, he had to lumber through poor word choices, battle nonsensical descriptions, and plummet endlessly through major plot-holes that made my cheeks burn.

In short, he “cut the fluff” from my story-telling. He explained that “brevity is best”, or, for the adults, that “succinctness is sexy”. John showed me how to make that instant connection with reader, whatever the genre.

I was always the Teacher’s Pet at school. How could I not be, when my initials are T.P.? I had good teachers and excelled in English, but I never felt as though I learned anything that would apply to creative writing. I was bored and unchallenged. But I can genuinely say that John is the best teacher I’ve ever had. I’ve learned more from him than I ever did in my English classes and courses, and he always encourages and inspires me to be the best I can be.

For years, people have asked whether I wished I could be the next J.K. Rowling. I’ve always had the same response; “No. My wish is to be the next Tyrolin Puxty.”

That wish has now come true. Last week, I submitted the opening chapters of my latest novel “BROKEN DOLLS” (John told me it was gold, GOLD I tell ya!) to Curiosity Quills Press. Five hours later, they requested the full. Five days later, they offered me a contract, which is now duly signed and the book will be released later this year.

I never could have written the novel without John’s input and guidance. He’s shown me how to write in the way that appeals to readers and more importantly, he’s shown me that dreams can come true. If you’re looking for a genius editor, then John’s your man!”


buy the book: Broken Dolls

Thank you, Tyrolin, and congratulations!
Here’s to the next, and the next, and the next…

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  1. Well done, John and Tyrolin. Great news. The Alchenist of prose strikes again 🙂

  2. Congratulations, both! I’m tweeting.


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