Burden of Truth – a classic edit.

As he takes on the voice of protagonist Peter Grainger in Burden of Truth, author Tyler Wills employs a compelling writing style, bringing to the page the classic feel of William Golding or Conan Doyle. Here’s the blurb:

Recently retired and with a penchant for first editions, Peter Grainger finds a battered journal amongst a purchase of old books – a journal once belonging to the primatologist Dr Richard Beck.

Dr Beck’s research into communicating with primates led him to finding a particularly gifted bonobo monkey – the primate version of a savant, with vast knowledge of its species’ oral history. Peter becomes obsessed with Beck’s notes, and soon learns a potentially world-changing truth: the origin of and final destiny of man.

His naïve investigations uncover a past conspiracy of denial and murder in an attempt to conceal Beck’s discoveries, and soon Grainger finds himself on the run with a quest – to bring to the world the truth and its likely impact on future civilizations.

Of course, reader is let in on the ‘truth’ from the very beginning, and with a scientific backstory so convincing, it will have you believing and rooting for Peter Grainger to the very end. They certainly don’t write ’em like this anymore.

Of the editing process, Tyler says:

Hitchcock made me very wary of crows, and generally any large flock of dark birds in the vicinity. Hudspith on the other hand, (a well-known manipulator of said crows), guided me gently through the dilemma of getting my first story to a reasonable state of acceptance.

His patiently dedicated eagle-eyed radar zoning-in on any stray hyphen, wrong colon, and yes, even a handful of unnecessary single spaces dotted here and there – amazed me!

He added so much more meaning and sense, often in just a few deftly placed key-strokes. His deep editors toolbox is full of professional help and advice which is always available, and if you are really lucky, sometimes a golden-nugget can be found, somewhere amongst the bird-seed. I can’t recommend Johnny highly enough.’

Thank you, Tyler. I can’t wait for the next one!



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