City of Dreams

by Harriet Steel

The blurb…

After a whirlwind courtship and marriage to dashing Frenchman Emile Daubigny, Anna, the teenage daughter of a Russian furrier, moves to Paris with her new husband, looking forward to a life of gaiety, love and comfortable affluence.

Married life and the social scene in the most fashionable city on earth is everything Anna hoped it would be, but when Emile vanishes without trace and she is evicted, Anna is forced to discover the city’s poverty-stricken dark side of harsh streets and squalid tenements, where the temptation for a penniless young lady to become a kept woman is overwhelming.

To make matters worse, war with Prussia looms and Anna and the city she loves will both struggle to survive.cover30

Harriet says:

`John Hudspith edited my third novel, City of Dreams, and even though I’ve had a reasonable amount of experience as a writer, including being the author of several published and prize-winning short stories, I found that working with him taught me a lot and really helped me to improve my work – particularly in the area of ‘cutting the fluff’! I now feel more confident about sending my ‘baby’ out to make its own way in the big, bad world.

John’s service is also friendly, encouraging (but honest) and competitively priced. He isn’t the first editor I’ve worked with, but he’s the one I’ll go back to.`

Harriet Steel – author of Becoming Lola, Salvation and City of Dreams


Thank you, Harriet.

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