Daffodils’ Spruced Up

Alex Martin says:

I have self-published two books over the last 18 months, Daffodils and The Twisted Vine. I felt pretty pleased with myself. Then I asked John Hudspith to have a look at Daffodils for Daffodilsme and I discovered just how much I had to learn! Simple stuff, some of it. Cutting what Johnny calls ‘fluff’ was a big one. I had written Daffodils over many years and it was patchy. The earlier bits of writing lacked confidence and this showed up by my over-writing, ie: explaining too much to the reader instead of trusting they’d do the adding up for themselves. This resulted in some clumsy tautology and the classic beginner’s mistake of over-using adverbs to emphasise something. Then came the biggest revelation of all – POV, which means ‘point of view’ – making sure the reader is in one character’s head at a time. This much I knew. What I had yet to learn is the various filters and tighteners that can be used to advantage. Daffodils is now re-written and the new edition went live today. I know it is a much tighter book, although the story remains the same. Daffodils already had good reviews, mostly 5*s and I hope, with John’s expert help, it will continue to receive more.

Thanks Johnny!

Alex Martin, Wales.

`Daffodils` … http://www.amazon.co.uk/Daffodils-Alex-Martin-ebook/dp/B00BPUQAY4


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