Dirty Bad Editing

A few short months ago Jade West came to me with a fresh idea for a dark erotica series. She wanted realism, wanted good storyline and characterisation, wanted to be different from the rest, wanted to really make an impact in the world of erotic writing. So we got to it and her first book Dirty Bad Wrong sold 10,000 copies in ten days and continues to ride high in the charts. Mission accomplished!
But she was a little nervous about the second book. She wanted the same things where storyline and characterisation were concerned and to make another great splash in the erotica ocean, but of course it had to be different from the first book. And working together we certainly achieved that.

Jade says,
When work began on the follow-up to Dirty Bad Wrong I knew I had to have Johnny on my team. I couldn’t have done without him on the first book, and believe me when I say I certainly couldn’t have done without him on the second, Dirty Bad Savage.

Johnny is incredible. I can’t even begin to list the multitude of ways he contributes to the success of the novels he works with. To give you an idea, Johnny consults on plot, through characterisation, dialogue, pace, imagery, settings, word-choice, genre conventions, and then on through still into consistency, grammar, typos… you name it, his editing eyes are on it, and they see with superb 20/20 vision.

Can your books do without him? Mine can’t. Definitely not. I wouldn’t even consider it. Johnny seems to have an incredible innate understanding of what reader wants and what works and what does not … right down to individual word choice.

With Dirty Bad Savage there was also the additional challenge of time constraints. I’d fallen behind on my schedule, due to real life rearing its ugly head, and I was really feeling the pressure. Johnny stepped up to the task, going above and beyond the call of any reasonable duty to keep me on track with my publishing deadline. He’s great like that, you can really feel his commitment to his projects. It radiates, and inspires, and gives you that oomph you need to keep on going.

As always, Johnny is insightful and he is honest. He tells you when it’s bad, and why (and you’d be a fool to ignore him). This is great for your book, and also great for you as a writer. It’s also then doubly great when he tells you when it’s good. You believe him, because you know he’s not going to be blowing smoke up your backside while your novel actually stinks. His realism and constructively critical approach are two more reasons why I appreciate him so much. I want my books to be the very best they can be, and I know Johnny isn’t going to sit back and let anything less pass.

I trust Johnny wholeheartedly with my novels. I’d go further than that now, in addition, and say that I trust Johnny with my writing career. I trust him as a sounding board, I trust him as a collaborator, I trust him as a confidant. I trust him implicitly to bring out the best in my Dirty Bad books.
Give him a shot, it will be the best thing you ever did for your books and for your writing.

Thank you for your kind words, Jade.

               *buy the book*

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  1. I love the dirty bad books because they are different! I love the writing and the characters!! Admittedly, I liked the first book a bit better than the second, but I will still continue to follow Jade and buy her books to see what else she comes up with! As far as what else I’d like to see, just more of what she has done and more of what inspires her!!

  2. Angel

     /  June 11, 2015

    I actually hadn’t heard of Dirty Bad before o.O The cover made me want to explore more, but I think there’s more to this book than just the cover. Will have to check this book out 😀

  3. I love the Dirty Bad books because they are different from other books I’ve read. I also like that Jade pushes me outside of my comfort zone. She has a way of writing that keeps me engaged in the story and it’s hard to put the book down once I start. I know some readers are not comfortable with some of the situations, but that’s exactly why I enjoy them…I like the Dirty Bad she brings to life.

  4. I’ve only read the first Dirty Bad book but I liked and appreciated it. It was a different and definitely refreshing book. Jade has a serious talent for writing dark erotica and I cannot wait to see what book two and on will bring

  5. Sarah

     /  June 11, 2015

    Well first of all let me say that I hate typos, I know some get missed but if I spot more than a handful I usually don’t read the same author again. I didn’t see one in Dirty Bad Wrong. I’m 40% into Savage now and will most likely finish it tonight, still haven’t spotted a typo and don’t believe I will. Jade’s writing is different in a great way that pushes my boundaries from the comfort of my own home. I love dark erotica and having read ton of it in the last couple years I believe Jade is making a name for herself in the genre. Can’t wait to see what’s next in the Dirty Bad series!

  6. Paige

     /  June 12, 2015

    I loved both books, I just appreciated different things about each of them. You guys obviously work well together and I can’t wait for more from the Dirty Bad series.


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