Dreamcatchers trap bad dreams – but sometimes nightmares escape.

Ellen Williams, a Native American with a gift for foretelling the future, is at a loss to explain her terrifying nightmares and the portentous feeling of dread that seems to hang over her like a shroud. A tale of dreams, romance, and of doing the right thing, set on the beautiful Oregon coast.

Author Maggie Christensen has pulled another beauty out of the bag. Maggie says:

Yet again Johnny Hudspith has surpassed himself. I’ve now worked with Johnny for all three of my novels and I still can’t believe how he manages to get into the skin of my characters to know how they think and what they should say. He’s an editor par excellence, picking up and discarding every bit of fluff and offering brilliant suggestions to improve my writing. In the time I’ve been working with him, my critique partners have noted the improvement in my writing. I lay the tribute at his feet. Not only does he improve what I’ve written, but he’s there in my mind – or at my shoulder – as I write and ask myself ‘What would Johnny say about this?’
I can’t recommend him more highly. I’d be lost without him and his valuable input to my work. One of the big pluses is his positive feedback when he feels I’ve nailed it. I look forward to these comments and scan for them immediately I receive back my edits. Roll on my next novel and to receiving Johnny’s insights.’

Maggie Christensen – Australia

Thank you, Maggie.


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