Emerald Green – Stable Girl

I’ve spent the past month galloping round 1970s Yorkshire with twelve year old Emerald Green. Money is tight, bullies are rife, and Em’s mum and stepdad are always fighting, but Em’s love of horses brings respite as she learns to hack and forms a strong bond with Fire, a gorgeous red pony.

Horse Riding

Author Karen Milner says:

`If you are looking for an editor with creative flair as well as a sharp eye for mistakes, then John Hudspith is your man. But be warned, he won’t let you get away with anything! If your character has used an inappropriate word, or if you have put a car in a 1970s story that hasn’t been manufactured yet, then you can be sure John will flag it up. So, you not only get a critical eye over any dodgy grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes, you also get an overview of how your story and characters are blossoming, or not as the case may be. I’m very thankful to Johnny for all his help and support and know I have grown as a writer as a result of his expertise. I wholeheartedly recommend his editing services.`

Emerald Green – Stable Girl
Karen Milner. UK
Thank you, Karen.


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