Godcorp III – the dream continues.

The Godcorp series has been a nightmare for protagonist Evie Stone, but for me the editor’s dream continues as prolific word-churner Jessica Smith raises the bar yet again and pulls another absolute blinder; intense, deep, penetrating, powerful and mind-blowingly pungent – just about sums it up. Getting to grips with the mood and tone was the purest of editorial pleasures, and hell, I’m already suffering withdrawal, and I’m feeling the need to get my hands on Godcorp IV, which – if the ending of Godcorp III is anything to go by – promises to lift the bar a few extra notches.

Jessica kindly says,

“So, here I am in the afterglow of another book release, my third in the Godcorp series. Most importantly, my third novel written with the editorial assistance of John Hudspith, the man I now affectionately refer to as the Wizard of Words, and, man, is he ever a wizard of words.

Johnny isn’t just an editor to me. He does more than seek out plot holes, spot flaws with his eagle eyes and hone and tone and guide and advise to help you end up with the novel you really wanted to write. He does all of these things exceptionally well, as his vast swathes of glowing testimonials well and truly testify, but there is more.

With Johnny you get so much more than an editor scoping out your manuscript word by word. You get someone who lives your book with you, who sees your characters through your eyes, who sees the real heart in your story and knows instinctively how you really want to tell it. He’ll help you find the pearl in your oyster and shine it up pretty for the world to see. He’ll tell you when it’s great, glowing, marvellous… and equally importantly he’ll tell you when it’s not, and why.

And here’s the crucial point… when he tells you it’s good, or bad, or out of kilter, or whatever it is, you’ll believe him, and agree with him, and you should, because his natural storytelling instinct is so perfectly tuned-in.

I believe in him because he’s talented, considered, committed and thorough, with an instinct for language and storytelling that leaves me in awe. I trust him with my work, implicitly, and that’s important. Of course it’s important! These stories are our babies, right? As authors, these fledgling ideas are like little children, part of us, and we want to protect them, help them grow, make sure they achieve their potential… and that’s why I will always use John Hudspith for my editing.

With him I know my books are in very safe and very clever hands.

Thank you, Johnny, here’s to many more!”

Jessica Smith. UK


Thank you, Jessica.


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