In My Lady’s Shadow

In My Lady’s Shadow is a supernatural time-slip historical romance.
When Siobhan Daiko first came to me with this story – the elements of which included ghostly connections through time, a fair dollop of 15th century shenanigans, and (as past and present collide) a dual line of budding romance – I wondered how it might all fit together as a believable and satisfying story. This wasn’t a simple tale but together we moulded, chipped away, added deft touches and the end result is true piece of writerly art. Siobhan says…

‘What I love about working with Johnny is that he goes the extra mile. He doesn’t just tell you where your manuscript can be improved, he re-edits your re-writes until he and you are satisfied. Johnny calls this “homework”. My heart sank when my early chapters came back with the dreaded “re-do” comment. However, once I’d addressed the areas for improvement, the next two sections met with Johnny’s approval and were “good to go”, with only minor suggestions for cutting what he calls “fluff” (over-writing), the occasional word that was too modern for the historical sections, typos, the odd cliché, etc.

When we got to the final section, though, I was given more “homework”. I’d gone off on a dramatic tangent, which diluted the main thread. Emails flew back and forth while I got to grips with a few re-writes and, eventually, we were both happy. Johnny’s suggestions made perfect sense. That’s the great thing about working with him: he knows everything there is to know about story structure and the all-important need for your reader to invest in the “what-if?”.

I’m immensely grateful to Johnny for his inspiring editing. As I’ve said on the Acknowledgements Page of In My Lady’s Shadow, his work is “highly professional, prompt and precise”. However, it’s so much more than that. Johnny gives 100% to his writers, and I would never consider working with anyone else.’

Siobhan Daiko. Italy.
Thank you, Siobhan.

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