Sacrifice – an editing bloodbath.

The residents of Sulham Close are cursed. Each year they must provide a sacrifice. They snatch vagrants and junkies off the street and install them in the sacrifice cottage before leaving them to their fate at the hands (or should that be teeth?) of the goblin-like ellyllon.

Lisa Hinsley ups the gore factor to splatteringly good effect in her latest novella. I don’t believe I’ve ever edited so much blood and body parts.
Lisa says,

cover47Trusting in the de-fluff man

In the spring of 2012, John Hudspith and I started working on a novella of mine. Sacrifice is a horror novel, with plenty of gore, and was to be the first release of two planned books that year. We were about halfway through editing when I suffered a major health issue, and editing came to an abrupt halt.
The planned writing of the sequel to my bestselling novella Plague was shelved. For a year I did nothing but come to terms with my changed life.

As my writing muse began to come back to me in summer 2013, I wrote That Elusive Cure. I of course went to John for the final polish. But I avoided going back to Sacrifice, not sure why. After I released That Elusive Cure in spring 2014, I wrote Stolen – a book that had been in my head for over a decade. Talk about an extreme version of avoidance, writing more books to avoid finishing an edit!

Before I let myself get caught up in yet another project, I asked Johnny if he remembered Sacrifice, and did he mind finishing it up with me. By now, over two years had passed since we last worked on the novella. John said yes with a smile, and editing began again. We worked through the blood and guts of the novella, the goblins and the murders and the journey of an unfortunate to another dimension I wouldn’t want to be caught dead in. We sorted out the immortals and the cats – yes, there are cats, lots of them. And finally, after more than two years of stop-start editing, Sacrifice is a finished, polished and ready-to-go book.

I have now worked with John on three books. I trust him to put me right, bring out the best in my work, and above all, kill the fluff! I’m beginning to think he’s got fluff on the brain, but the thing is, he’s right. I cut out the excess (I always have a back-up copy, if later I want the deleted words back) and 99% of the time I agree with him. I don’t miss the words, my point still comes across, and I have a neater, tidier version of what I had before.

We’re now working on my next novel, Stolen and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to give a shine to one of my babies. In the meantime, Sacrifice is now released, six years after I wrote it and more than two years after the editing started. It’s been a long labour for the birth of this book-baby, but worth it!`

Lisa Hinsley. UK.

Thank you, Lisa.

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  1. Well done, Johnny and Lisa. Yes, Lisa he is fluff obsessed, but it’s for our own good 🙂 I just thank the gods he’s not my hairdresser. I wish you well with the book and with your health, Lisa. And God bless Mr Fluffy.


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