Sci-fi? Suits you, sir.

About editing her latest sci-fi novel `Hunted`, Louise says,

`I’ve written many novels, and when I started my writing career the word `EDITOR` seemed scary and expensive. I imagined them in pinstripes (men and women), stern, arrogant and, well, frankly unwelcoming.cover22

I was recommended Johnny Hudspith by a writer friend and when I wrote to him, formally requesting his prices and testimonials, I was astonished by how normal he seemed. He wasn’t stern, arrogant or all the other things I’d imagined – and apparently he wouldn’t be seen dead in pinstripes.

I quite liked the way he didn’t assume I’d agree with his edits. I also liked the way he encouraged feedback from me and the speed at which he worked. You give him a deadline, and boy, he delivers!

His prices depend on your level of writing, and he works in instalments, so not only are the payments always manageable, but the novel itself goes through the process of improvement, never moving to the next chapter until all is well. I don’t feel I’ve gained an editor, I’ve gained a friend, and a damn good writer one at that.`

Louise Wise – UK

Author of sci-fi and romantic fiction

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  1. Yikes! That’s some book cover!

  1. Sci-fi? Suits you, sir. | Louise Wise

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