Seventh Heaven

Prolific author Pam Howes says…


`When I wrote my seventh novel I had no qualms about who to send it to for spit and polish. Johnny has handled all my editing since my first novel Three Steps to Heaven began to take shape in 2008. I’d no idea that first book would be the start of a series of (up to now) five novels about fictional rock’n’roll band The Raiders. Without Johnny to hold my hand I doubt very much there’d have been a sequel never mind more. The boys in the band would still be languishing in a drawer gathering dust. As it is they’ve been able to spread their wings, growing from awkward teens to almost-pensioners along a fifty-year path.


Johnny also edited a novel that’s close to my heart. Fast Movin’ Train is the true story about my own life. When you write something from deep within it’s not always easy to let it go, but he helped me shape and de-fluff it and it went on to earn bestseller status.


And that’s the thing; all my books have done well because of what I’ve learned over the years from Johnny. I’m forever honing my craft under his excellent guidance and tuition, and the continuous great reviews and ever-expanding fan-base speak for themselves.


And now, with the first in a new series of fairground stories finished, I sent Cathy’s Clown to Johnny. He worked through it, scrubbed and polished, tightening plot and imagery, and it went off all squeaky clean to be published.


I highly recommend Johnny as an editor. He’s a pleasure to work with, clear to understand and will polish that rough diamond into a glittering gemstone you’ll be proud to put your name to. Even though I’m now several books down the line, I still wouldn’t publish anything without Johnny casting his beady eye over it first.

If you’ve written a story where the plotline feels like you’re wading through treacle, or the flow is as sluggish as muddy water, or there’s plot holes that need filling and you don’t know your POV from your elbow, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Johnny and let him work his magic on your story. You’ll be glad you did.`

Pam Howes – Cathy’s Clown



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  1. louisewise

     /  December 20, 2013

    Hear, hear!

  1. Seventh Heaven | Louise Wise

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