Special Ops Editing

Approached by a mysterious man, asking if I’d be prepared to go dark with special ops and knock his Viper team into shape, I didn’t hesitate.

Author David Baker says,

‘When I first started writing my books I had numerous family and friends edit them. Editing is a mind-blowing chore and eventually fewer and fewer of them wanted to step up to the mark. Leaving my sister and wife to trundle through and make many red pen suggestions.

Having just completed my fourth Book in the Viper series, I decided it was time to acquire the services of a professional editor. So, going on a recommendation from another author I contacted Johnny. I submitted the first seven thousand words of Viper 1 and his report quickly came back. Well, I thought my first book had the odd mistake and odd grammatically placed words, but I was shocked to see the report. Everything he highlighted I couldn’t fault, including any suggestions he made.cover42

Now the word ‘fluff’ to me was a new one in relation to writing; I thought descriptive words were good, apparently not as many as I put in. Boy, what a polished de-fluffed and grammatically correct book he sent back to me. Plus super-quick and within the two-week timeframe I’d asked for. No more arguing with my sister and better half over edits. They must have been so relieved to be let off the hook. So, as I’d just put together my final edits on the fourth book, off it went to Johnny with another tight deadline.
He delivered early and with a great result, the book flowed better and just seemed to have had a facelift of professionalism about it. He even suggested an expansion scene, which I duly wrote and it fitted in very well.

We do have minor differences of opinions or suggestions but equally listen to the other’s input. He does win most times as his knowledge of the English language and his writing prowess is far superior. I can write a great story, but Johnny makes it exceptional with his skills.

Now he will have the daunting tasks of Books 2 and 3, but most importantly, when I start my 5th book, I can send him chapter by chapter. No more waiting about for the poor family editors to give up their precious time and energy. I can now release the books sooner, professionally edited, which gives me peace of mind and my family back!’

David Baker. UK.

Thank you, Dave.

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