The Kallisti – magical chemistry

Heather Fisher had a great idea for a story. Three fifteen year olds hunting for geodes in the desert and coming across a mirage of a forest might not be so unusual. But when a woman from the forest throws a golden apple into the sand before the mirage blinks and vanishes, Kree, Pip and India soon find themselves with the power to pause time.

The Kallisti is a clever yarn, switching reader from the Norse Goddess Idunna as she tries to thwart her foes and keep the apple (Kallisti) from enemy hands, in scenes that are creepy, tense and often terror-filled, to scenes of goofball hilarity as, back on Earth, three loveable kids: Kree, Pip and India explore the physics and experience the joys and woes of being able to pause time, always resulting in crazy situations and often with laugh-out-loud moments. Working with Heather on The Kallisti was like playing with a magical chemistry set. It’s one of those books that will be loved by kids and adults alike.

Heather says,

`Johnny Hudspith is an absolute bomb as an editor. He charges a reasonable rate, let’s you work at your own pace and pay-as-you-go, and is always full of encouragement and points out the good stuff as well as the bad. He also has the kind of grasp on grammatical issues that I do not, which was invaluable. I would have been shunned in the writing community if I hadn’t utilized his services. I’ve seen the kind of reviews writers get that have errors in their books and it isn’t pretty. Johnny found so many things that I had missed, and he brought so many fun ideas that really improved the quality of my story. I loved working with him, and can’t wait to start sending him chapters from Book 2. I’d highly recommend Johnny to anybody that needs help honing and perfecting their work.`

Heather Fisher. USA.
Thank you, Heather – hurry up with book 2!

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