The proof is in the desert…

Jan Ruth says…

I’ve had a few editors over the years, some of them with impressive `qualifications`, but none of them with the skills of John Hudspith.SilverRainCoverLARGEEBOOK

In fact, if it wasn’t for John, my characters would be full of sand by now (it’s all those deserts they’ve had for dessert). Yes, I’m still getting that one wrong! Of course, the spell check thinks this is fine, and my eyes happily bypass these words because my mind is fixed in dreamscape mode…

Which is why one needs an editor.

Silver Rain is the fourth novel John has smoothed over for me, and each time he manages to tighten and tweak, removing the fluff I didn’t see collecting in the corners, and prevents my characters running down the stairs when they were already in the hall…

Which is why one needs an editor!

There are so many elements to good writing – some of them factual and as plain as the knows on you’re face – but I also think, as with all good writers there is an element of intuition, experience and instinct which cannot be measured in facts and figures. The proof is in the desert.

Which is why one needs an editor.


`Silver Rain`

Jan Ruth, Wales

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