The Sand Dollar

Author of contemporary fiction, Maggie Christensen loves to write about mature women and examine how they face and overcome family and career issues.

The Sand Dollar: an unexpected redundancy and a childhood memento take Jenny Sullivan across the ocean to learn of a secret past and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Moving between Oregon and Australia, The Sand Dollar is a story of new beginnings, of a woman whose life is suddenly turned upside down and the reclusive man who helps her solve the puzzle of her past.

Maggie says:

`As I’d used the editing skills of John Hudspith for my first novel, Band of Gold, there was no question in my mind that I would use him again for my second and subsequent manuscripts. His eagle eye for detail and his helpful suggestions – even when it meant re-writing a chunk – has helped me tighten and improve my work.
I looked forward to receiving my edits back, anticipating a series of comments, most of which I agreed with, and wondered why I hadn’t thought of them myself. Living as we do, at opposite ends of the world, I would often awake early to find the edits in my mailbox and was always highly motivated to make the requisite changes and send off the next few chapters as soon as I could.

I know that working with Johnny has improved my writing and that I have developed a good working relationship with him. As one writing friend put it – he’s become part of my team for publication, and I’d be lost without him. Thank you once again, Johnny, for helping to hone and improve The Sand Dollar for publication.`

Maggie Christensen – Australia


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