VIPER 5 ‘Vengeance’ – Black Ops

David Baker, author of the Viper books, says:

‘‘Well, Johnny came through for me yet again!
Having completed Viper 5, ‘Vengeance’ and, after thinking I had done a good job editing and de-fluffing it, I forwarded it to Johnny for his input and de-bugging, and boy, what a great job he did.

We worked well together, had different inputs and ideas which were duly discussed, and again, Johnny suggested expansion areas, which we knocked around and implemented. But as we happily moved along, I dropped the million dollar question on him. I now needed it finished quickly, as my publisher had just informed me he was off on holiday, so I would miss the pre-Christmas release. We had five chapters still to do, but within two days I had the completed book back, finalised and polished.

The great thing I like about Johnny is he listens to your reasoning and ideas. However, if you are wrong he will let you know in a nice way and most importantly, explain to you why. His knowledge of the English language and storytelling prowess is far superior. I can write a story but he makes it great with his skills, knowledge and experience.

I cannot recommend him highly enough, he has certainly changed my writing for the better and relieved me of the stress of editing, which I absolutely hate!’’

David Baker. UK.

Thank you, David.

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