Wannabes – an inspired creation.

Michael Logan won the Terry Pratchett First Novel Prize with his comic horror novel Apocalypse Cow, and rightly so. With a tagline like: `Forget the cud, they want blood` how could anyone not love a world with sex-crazed zombie cows?

So, when Michael asked if I’d take a look at his latest creation Wannabes . . .

A deranged wannabe bumps off A-listers, believing he can absorb their powers and become famous by taping their tattoos to his body, and washed-up pop star Jackie Thunder figures that if he can get on the killer’s hit-list, without the inconvenience of being murdered, he’ll gain the publicity needed to reignite his career. But Jackie’s desperate ploy for attention plunges him into the heart of a decades-old demonic plot to destroy great music through murder, mayhem and manipulation.”cover49

. . . I snatched off both his hands and hid them.

This is a writer with a certifiable imagination capable of weaving fact into fiction with deft strokes of dark genius smattered with sniggeringly wry humour; a plot so deliciously embellished with cringeworthy terror-filled reality that you can’t help feel empathy for the whole of humanity itself, whilst choking on your tittering.

Michael says,

Johnny came highly recommended for my first foray into the world of indie publishing, and he was worth every penny for his eagle-eyed edit of Wannabes. I’ve worked with editors from major publishing houses, and Johnny is every bit as good. If you plan to go it alone with your novel, you will not regret splurging on such excellent editing.’

Michael Logan, Kenya.

Thank you, Michael.




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  1. Pam Howes

     /  July 21, 2014

    I’ve got a copy of Wannabes from Michael. Looking forward to reading it. 🙂

  2. Ditto B-).


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